WFMU Interview with Geoffrey Bankowski (Quietus)


I can’t quite remember the first time I met Geoffrey nor can I recall a time when I didn’t know him. He’s the kind of person you don’t see for a year, sit down to have a beer with, and end up breezing through three hours discussing everything from existentialist literature to the Detroit Tigers roster strategy.

Aside from the fore-mentioned, we also talked for a long time about working together. We knew many folks in common and I kept hearing great things about this project that he had and I was definitely intrigued. When we finally sat down to discuss what would be Quietus Volume Three, I was blown away by the ambitious nature of the project and knew I was in for a challenge to realize his vision and (hopefully) expand upon the previous two albums (Volume One & Volume Two).

Last year, after finishing our second record together the band was invited to perform live, in-studio at WFMU (Geoff was kind enough to allow me play “producer keyboard”).

Below is an excerpt of the post-performance interview with WFMU host Nate K (@Natethek). It features some great insight into the conceptual and creative process.

Ryan Mackstaller